Fun Hobbies

In addition to traveling, decorating cakes and dressing up in funny costumes or playing around with Photoshop (click theTravel, Cakes or P&L buttons above), we have other hobbies...

Stained Glass Windows

We made each of these windows together!

It works out well because both of us like different parts of the overall process.

First, we work out a design together, ensuring that no piece will be too difficult to cut from a bigger sheet of glass. Then, Lester selects the raw sheets of stained glass based on colors and swirl patterns, cuts the actual pieces out and polishes those pieces smooth. Pam then cuts the lead 'came' (the channels those glass pieces fit into) and assembles everything together, solders the lead joins and 'putties' the window so the glass doesn't rattle within the lead channels and to give it strength when the window is vertical.

See a 15-second movie of us putting together the 'Spring' window below. We call it 'Walk In Paradise'.